Weekly Wellness Seminars

The aim is to give you a well-rounded approach to health- not just physical fitness, but overall holistic heath.

At ARENA, we believe that your health starts from within.

An internal wellness that can be continuously built upon to achieve optimal heath.

Examples of topics include:

- Posture Workshop! Analysis, correction, and gait

- Vitamins, Supplements and how to choose what's right for you

- Injury Rehab- recovering the right way

- Combating Chronic Stress and how to reverse the impact it has on your body

- Foam Roller Workshop!

- Fitness Form - practice fundamental movements, work on proper form to prevent injuries while exercising

- EAT, DRINK, SLEEP, REPEAT - get control of your sleeping schedule & the role sleep plays on your daily life

We hope to see you at a workshop soon! Non-members are welcome for only $5!

These classes are FREE to all members! A new topic is discussed every week.